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Topics: Flood, Storm surge, River Thames Pages: 1 (528 words) Published: May 13, 2014
Explain how coastal flooding presents environmental, social, economic risks for the UK (10 marks) Coastal flooding occurs when normally dry, low-lying land is flooded by sea water. Coastal flooding is a serious threat to the UK. Many British cities are situated on or near the coast, on low-lying land, together with 40% of the UK’s manufacturing industry and sea level rise means that the UK are more at risk. Greater London and the Holderness coast are areas that are vulnerable to coastal flooding and expose environmental, social and political risks. Firstly, with an increasing population many people live on coast today making them vulnerable and increasing the risk. Many settlements are on the coast and if flooding occurs many people's homes and property are at risk, this social risk could potentially lead to other social risks such as loss of jobs. Flooding in an area may also mean that the area itself as many people would not want to live there and this could lead to deprivation and anti-social behaviour. Secondly, as well as social risks, the economy is negatively affected by coastal flooding mainly due to the cost of coastal management of the area. Greater London is an example that is protected by the Thames Barrier which is one of the largest movable flood barriers in the world. However the protection it provides London costs billion and the barrier is raised even higher in the last few years. Furthermore, the barrier protects canary wharf, one of the world's major financial hubs. The area is at risk to flooding as banks and industries are threatened by the Thames storm surges from the sea. If this financial industry floods, many businesses in London may close plus, unemployment will occur which is social risk as well as economic. Lastly, coastal flooding can destroy coastal habitats such as wetlands and salt marshes erode dune systems. These are example of environmental risks and can cause a loss of bio diverse wildlife and possibly extinction....
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