Gentrification of Class Warfare in East Harlem

Topics: Working class, Middle class, Social class Pages: 3 (784 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Gentrification of Class Warfare in East Harlem

Topic: Gentrification of Class Warfare in East Harlem 
There has been a tremendous change in East Harlem between class warfare and gentrification. East Harlem is one more economic factor to the city’s wealth per capita since the attack of September 11, 2000. It is Manhattan’s last remaining development and it is on the agenda of the tax revenue of our government. East Harlem has become a profit driven capitalism. Gentrification enforces capitalism, it does not separate people, it does not go against race, poor and the working class, it wages war on the poor and the working-class. 

Gentrification of Class Warfare in East Harlem 
What is social class and class warfare ? 
Class is a in terms of income, wealth, education, status/position, and/or power. Class affects people emotionally and economically. Economically it involves how much money you have, socially, who you know and educationally, what or how much you know. Social class is a collection of subcultures arranged in an order of prestige, it is divided in three parts:  Upper Class are white collar job, jobs in the field of CEO, Politician and doctors, people who work in specialized fields.  middle class are white-collar workers they work as secretaries, teachers, and middle management.  lower class(poverty)/working class are blue-collar workers a the “bottom” they work in manufacturing jobs, janitors, etc. 

Class warfare is the struggle between classes in a society, often based on capitalist principles.  Industrialist versus the working class 
The Educated, the wealthy against the poor and working class  Ideology: the Politician against Constituents 

How does class warfare affects a community? 
The wealthy begin to move into the low income neighborhoods and use their political power and to eliminate social service programs, which low income people need.  Changes in community programs which were free to low income...
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