Gentrification Article Summary

Topics: Racial segregation, Human rights, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: February 2, 2015

Gentrification’s insidious violence: The truth about American cities

Gentrification according to Suey Park and Dr. David J. Leonard in a recent post represents a socio-historic process where rising housing costs, public policy, persistent segregation, and racial animus facilitates the influx of wealthier, mostly white, residents into a particular neighbourhood which the gentrifiers refers to as renewal and an effort to beautify the communities, but results in the displacement of residents and kind of violence that characterize the history of the mytho-political uses of symbolic violence in mainstream media portrayals of the hood as said by Richard Slotkin, which calls for a new mythology as a marker of change in the gentrification’s insidious violence in the American cities.

Focus on the reality of how endangered the white folks living in low-income neighbourhoods of black gangland or brown menace could be prejudiced to black on white violence as a result of gentrification in the American cities caused by economic disheartening, political policy manipulation, racial disparity and cultural marginalization in the United State.

Gentrification couched in white supremacy is a violence, because it is a systemic, intentional process of uprooting communities which has been on the rise and increasing at a frantic rate in the last 20 years, which stretches back to the segregationist policies and politicians manipulate zoning laws to allow massive developments with only token nods at mixed-income housing and central act of violence is one of its erasure, accordingly, when the discourse of gentrification isn’t pathologizing communities of color, Brooklyn a white entirety community. Gentrification in a popular imagination is a long-term human rights violation because it disperse people and communities through economic, political or cultural policies and also food is facing gentrification that may well put traditional...
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