Gentlemen, Your Verdict

Topics: Murder Pages: 3 (464 words) Published: February 21, 2011
Jas Gentlemen, Your Verdict Feb.13,11

There are twenty men trapped at the bottom of the sea in a submarine. Help will

not arrive for a week. There is only enough oxygen left for about three days, but the

oxygen will last five men for a week. What should the captain decide, and how? Five men

were picked to live and the rest were killed without knowing. Considering all the facts,

Lieutenant-Commander Oram should be innocent.

The men were in the submarine when the explosion went off, and damaged the

ship. The explosion was most likely caused by an acoustic or magnetic mine. The

propellers were blown off and the steering gears were jammed. The submarine was on

the tip of a sandbank. One man died, and everyone got bruises or scratches. Since only

five men could live out of twenty, fifteen had to die, and were killed with poisoned

bottles of whiskey. The men that died didn't know that they were about to die. Oram

picked the men that were married and had families. He even killed himself. The

definition of murder is “First degree murder is planned and deliberate.” Instead of

picking the married men, Oram could have randomly picked five men, and make it more

fair. Military context could also come into play with the verdict.

Lieutenant-Commander Oram could be ruled guilty, because he planned, and

deliberately commited murder, which is against the law. He committed first degree

murder on fifteen men. The rest of the crew didn't know Oram's decision, and didn't

even get a chance to live longer. It was also possible for Oram to not save anyone,

because then no would have to be killed. He could have also told the fifteen men that got

killed before hand what was about to happen.

Lieutenant-Commander Oram could also very well be found innocent, because

instead of just letting everyone die, he saved five lives, and saving five people is better

than none. They were also under military...
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