Genre of Honor and Criticism

Topics: Gender, Film, Homosexuality Pages: 2 (815 words) Published: November 22, 2011
The genre of horror can be criticised for a number of reasons due to the four theories that we can see stereotypically taking place in a range of different horror films. For example in the movie house of wax we see Gender Theory: for instance you have your typical heroic strong male and your weak female sexual icon. For the Post-Colonial Theory we have scary movie which can also come under the Queer theory but the one that mostly stands out is its outrageous exaggeration of one of its characters which is a typical African-American Males. For disability we have another in the Scary Movie franchise: Scary Movie 2 and for the Queer Theory (for obvious reasons) Lesbian Vampire Killers. In the film House of Wax we can see that the gender stereotype is still present in modern films as it was in films from the older generations; where the male denotes as the strongest (either villain or hero) and the female is weak, usually a symbol of sex. This shows that the audiences haven’t changed too much on what they expect in a horror film. However, critics might say that it isn’t right to portray people in such a manner that it begins to become offensive. The main male character is represented so that he comes off as the alpha male. You have your other characters in the plot; however they always portray one that rises above the others. This in the Horror genre is always evident as a male; we can also see this in such films as snakes on a plane. There are a minority of horror films where there is a heroic female character for instance Alien in the Sci-fi Horror sub-genre we see the character Ripley as she is represented as strong and heroic. The institutions that developed house of wax were Warner Bros. Pictures, Village Roadshow Pictures and Dark Castle Entertainment; these institutions are mainly high budget and are well known. Post Colonial Theory shows us that ethnic minorities in the media are represented in various ways. For instance, in a typical horror film there will...
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