Genre in Childern Literature

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A genre is a category of literature which is defined by the pattern or structure of a literary work. Each genre contains universal elements of form and content. However, books belonging to a particular genre share the same characteristics of plot, tone, mood, settings, characters and themes. Genre makes us aware of more literature for children than simple stories and nursery rhymes. All elements of literature are included in each of the major genres of fiction, but within each type one element may be more significant than another. There may be several sub-genres within each genre.

A. Realism
Realism means that a story is possible, although not necessarily probable. The story in realism is possible happen in the real life and the author often add some fillers to make the story more interesting but still make sense. Realistic story is a representation of action that seems truthful. a. Realistic Stories

In realistic story the protagonist is more common than heroic, more focus on daily life and there is no intervention of magical or supernatural power. The problem of story usually not simplistic, because the conflict sometimes involving society, other people, and protagonist itself. In children literature, realistic stories usually tells about the friendship like the tale in the Rainbow Troops by Andrea Hirata. Children are more understand about friendship and all conflicts around it. This type of realistic stories can become one of the media for children to improve their logical knowledge and more value the friendship. b. Animal Realism

Animal realism remains true to animal nature. In this type of realism animal still have the same behavior and adaptation to their original habitats. The principle point of view in the story still focus on the animals but re-tell by human’s taught. Human sometimes also involved or have important role to the animal protagonist and affected their storyline, for example is Ratman’s Notebooks by Stephen Gilbert. In this story we knew that human and animal can form the bond of relationship to trust and help each other. Usually children were like this kind of story because its funny to see the human-animal interaction and sometimes they will ask their parents to bought the pet to play with. c. Historical Realism

Historical fiction is placed in the past. Details about element such as: clothing, building, and atmosphere must fit the time and place. The author must combined the fact and imagination to change the facts into fiction. Language should be appropriate at the time but also be simplified to make the children more understand. For example is Kenshin the Wandering Samurai (Rurouni Kenshin) by Nobuhiro Watsuki. The story setting was during Meiji Restoration and protagonist himself was just fictional but the other characters whose surround him are factual or really exist in that era. In here the author try to interact his imaginative character with real historical characters which make the story more epic. Speaking of which, most of children usually like the epic or heroic story and sometimes the historical fiction always included on its content. This make it as one of the medias to make children interesting in history and built their heroic attitude to help the others.

B. Formula Fiction
Formula fiction follow distinct pattern, although following a formula does not necessarily eliminate the writer’s originality. a. Mysteries and Thrillers
Mystery and Thrillers stories are set in any time, historical or futuristic, as well as present. The story rely on suspense on unexplained event which must be resolved by reasonable discoveries. Plot carries and are carefully crafted to keep the tempo of thrilling which make the readers always curious and wants to read more until the story finally unfold. The example of mystery stories for children are Nancy Drew by Edward Stratemeyer and Goosebumps by R.L. Stine. Those novels are simple, means both children and...
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