Genre: Dramatic Comedy

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Dramatic Comedy
English 208
Mr.HamacherApril 26th 2011
95251345565 For as long as anyone can remember comedy and tragedy have gone hand in hand, whether it was on the big screen or in the ancient Greek theater. Long ago back before the birth of Christ, the Greek culture would have theatre festivals. According to the new book of knowledge during these festivals a group of men would go around town with a musician, and they would play out these songs. Their fun songs were known as “comoedia” or comedy and their sad songs were known as “tragoedia” or tragedy. Eventually these two masks were created to symbolize these two vital parts of the Greek theatre, the laughing mask for comedy and the weeping mask for tragedy. We know these masks today as a universal symbol for films or theatre. Comedy films usually have one particular goal, to get the audience to laugh. There whole purpose is to provide entertainment and joy to the viewers. People go to comedies to feel good, to escape the sad and realistic elements of everyday life. These storylines take a situation and exaggerate everything about them, from the characters themselves to their very words and actions. These films are usually lighthearted, full of humor and typically have happy endings. Drama films are a little bit different, they tend to be more realistic than other films, and usually portray real life situations and have realistic characters, and conflicts. These films are a bit like a roller coaster, and tend to have their ups and downs thought the film. Sometime you get to have films that combine these elements to give you a drama comedy. These films take the best of both of these genres and put them together. You get a realistic storyline with real like characters in an everyday situation or conflict, and the writers find a way to bring out the humor even though the subject or conflict may not seem that funny. These films show us that we can find joy and humor even in the event...

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