Genre Analysis

Topics: Marketing, Silver bullet, YouTube Pages: 3 (1000 words) Published: March 17, 2014
10 March 2014
Genre Analysis- TV Infomercial versus Product Website
For my genre analysis I analyzed a TV infomercial against the product website of the Magic Bullet blender. These genres were very different in their design, construction, and methods of convincing customers to buy the Magic Bullet, but had the same message. The genres had similar tones, word use and a uniting feature: make the Magic Bullet look so incredible you have to purchase it. These genres goals are to convince viewers to become owners of their own Magic Bullet, and they effectively communicate why you should do that with various marketing techniques and strategies.

The TV infomercial that I analyzed took place in a kitchen where a man and a woman were making breakfast for a group of people using the Magic Bullet blender. They were able to do a wide variety of things with it; amazing the group they were cooking for and making them want a Magic Bullet. The effect is to hopefully have the audience watching the infomercial on TV want to buy their own blender. The audience for this piece is very wide- anyone with a TV, watching commercials can be targeted. There is no age requirement, class that it is targeted to, or income level. However, people that are interested in cooking or making things in a blender will be more inclined to pay attention to the commercial and its rhetorical features that draw you in to it. The infomercial is more likely to be aired on food channels, but it could be viewed on any channel, depending on the marketing of the product. The watch and listen layout of this genre fosters the want or need to buy a Magic Bullet, because all the viewers has to do is sit and watch the commercial while being hit with reason after reason why they should buy their own blender. The large logo in every frame of the infomercial and the length of the feature encourage viewers to want a blender because since the commercial goes on for so long, it leaves a lasting...

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