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By TaylorBruce Jan 14, 2013 285 Words
Having the characteristic generosity can take you very far throughout your life. Generosity is having the habit of giving without expecting anything in return. This quality is very important to have and can give you such a good feeling. It makes you feel like there is actually good in the world and that just you doing a simple task can actually make a big difference.

A person who I feel that has this quality is Santa Clause. This jolly man does that good deed of giving innocent children presents every year. This is a totally volunteer basis, but he does it out of the good of his loving and warming heart to make other people feel happy. No one pays him but yet he continues to do it. I feel as though many people could learn a lot from Santa Clause and participate in good deeds like him.

An event where I have used generosity is when I volunteered my time to help feed the homeless in a soup kitchen. I learned a lot with this experience. I realized how good my life is, and that just my simple action meant a whole lot to these people. Without my help, some of them may not have been able to receive food that day. Volunteering my time made me feel very good about myself knowing that I made a difference.

Generosity is a very good thing that you can have, and I plan on using it a lot throughout my life. I hope to continue volunteering my time to help people in need. Being generous gives me a great feeling and I would love to feel that way all of the time if possible.

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