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The Human genome is a complement of genetic material that is found in the human cell. Though there are over a billion people in the world today, there are only minute differences between genomes, which is why it is usually referred to as the human genome, as if there is only one in the whole world. The singular reference to the human genome is only intended to stimulate how little difference there is the genomes found in different human cells. Essential to note is that the human genome is a DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid. It is a natural polymer, which is built u of repeating nucleotides. Each of these nucleotides consists of a simple sugar, one of four nitrogenous bases and a phosphate group. If all the chromosomes are counted, it can be found that the human genome is comprised of about three billion base pairs of chromosomes. Also, vital to note is the fact that though the human genome has been read by DNA sequencing, it is still not well understood. Simply put, the human genome is a set of human genetic information that is stored as DNA sequences. We have what is called the haploid human genome and the diploid human genome. The haploid human genome can be found in the egg and sperm cells. Research shows that this genome has about three billion DNA base pairs. On the other hand, the diploid genome is found in the somatic cells and has twice the DNA content as the haploid human genome. As has been stated, the human genome is still not well understood. It is for this reason that the Human Genome Project was created. This project is said to have been the first one to produce a complete sequence of separate human genomes. By 2012, the project had finished sequencing...
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