Genie interview

Topics: Environment, Personal life, Human Pages: 4 (1011 words) Published: May 1, 2014
Gene Chunyayev


Environmental factors play significant impact on the development of a person’s life. Genie just like any other child had environmental factors play in the development of her life, which permanently changed the way that Genie lives to this day. Humans just like animals all have to adapt to the environment that they live in, that environment changes and so does the animal in order for them to survive. Environmental factors played big key roles in the development of my life and every other human being on this planet.

In late of 1970, Genie a young thirteen-year-old girl was discovered to be a victim of extraordinarily severe abuse by her parents. This child was neglected since she was two years old, and socially isolated for nearly eleven years before her discovery by a social worker. The Social worker happened to notice a small skinny girl at the presents of a nearly blind mother, when the two came into the Social Welfare office. Genie’s looks at the office were the to be ages of six or seven to the social worker, when Genie’s real age was already at thirteen. Her hands were held up as though they were resting on an invisible rail and a stooped unnatural posture to Genie’s phasic. The abuser happened to be her father and mother who kept it quite for over a decade. Genie spent her eleven years of childhood at home in solitary confinement. She would spend each day chained naked to a potty chair for toddlers. When night came Genie slept with her arms restrained, inside a sleeping bag in a “cage like crib” made from wood and wire. If Genie would happen to make any noise, her father would beat her for it. The daily food consumption for Genie was baby food, cereals and soft-boiled eggs, all of which were fed to her. Parental abuse was all orchestrated by her father, who locked Genie up to protect her from what he considered, “the dangers of the outside world”.

It was a miracle that Genie survived the terrible...
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