Genghis Khan

Topics: Genghis Khan, Mongol Empire, Mongolia Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Genghis Khan
Genghis khan has done what many could not during his time like being one of the greatest conquers, having a very high education, and is a great military leader. Genghis Khan should be included into the medieval Hall of Fame. He has good government establishments, he is an effective military leader, and under his control even alone, the Mongol Empire had a vast territory and growing during and after his time, but eventually everything that goes up, must come down.

Mongolia was controlled by a government system called the Yassa. This government system included men on horseback traveling up to a checkpoint of twenty five miles. This also allowed Mongolia to be well communicated. It was created by Khan himself but usually controlled by his generals since Khan had other things to do instead of mainly focusing on communication, which this conclusion to the next topic of military. Khan is one of the most successful conquers that the world has ever known. Khan’s military could adapt itself to rapidly changing circumstances for example. There are two divisions on the battlefield, one travels north and the other travels east of the battlefield. The division that is traveling north gets ambushed by Chinese archers coming from the north east, thelk Mongolian division that travels east then counter attacks the invasion of the Chinese soldiers and saves the day. Khan’s armies were composed of mounted archers on horseback, trained from an early age in military techniques. For warfare he also used many catapults and or trebuchets (a more effective catapult), he also used ladders, and other...
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