Genghis Khan

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Genghis Khan Extra Essay
Genghis Khan’s legacy is one of the most well known. They are known for their large empire that stretched across Eurasia. They were brutal and violent, but somehow it worked out and they obtained one of the largest empires in the world and what is now known as the second greatest empire to ever exist (after the Roman Empire of course). The most important aspect of the Mongolian Empire’s legacy was the strength of the military organization, along with their superior archery skills and their tactics.

The Mongols had many important aspects, but their strength lay in their strong military organization. The Mongols believed that good fighting came in quality of fighting not quantity, so they had smaller armies of very well- trained soldiers. Most troops were no bigger than 1000 people. The Mongols also believed that the commanders and leaders of the troops should be chosen by other leaders as they would probably have the best votes. They also had very thought out perfected plans. One of the commanders, Subedei is known as one of the smartest military masterminds because of his use of intelligence and psychological warfare. The Mongols had a very strong military organization, but they also had many other strong aspects as well.

Archery is also important in the Mongol’s success. Many Mongols had perfect shooting skills which helped in their quality of fighting. They invented different things to improve the bow and arrow; they had many different types of arrows for different jobs. The Mongols even had their own release called the Mongol Release. They built up their military archery skills by using it in everyday life such as hunting. They even had special drills to help with their skill levels. Even women knew how to use the bow and arrow for everyday life and occasionally the battlefield. Archery was an important aspect along with the tactics they used.

The Mongols had very smart intricate plans that helped them conquer many lands....
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