Genetics, Prenatal Development, and Birth

Topics: Embryo, DNA, Pregnancy Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: January 11, 2012
DNA molecules are nucleotides which are the A, G, C, T.
A long series of the nucleotide makes up the genes. The sequence of the nucleotides determines each of our 20,000 different genes. Every 3 nucleotides codes are for a specific amino acid. The amino acid sequence determines what protein will be made. The proteins acting as enzymes will determine our physical traits like eye color, number of bones, blood type....etc. B.

The most important findings of the Human Genome Project are so many nucleotide bases and the genes contained in the human chromosomes. Its potential for early detection of the genetically connected diseases is to find out through a genetic test whether you carry the gene that is associated with whatever disease that has been detected. Now embryos are being tested. Because you are carrying a disease through genes it does not guarantee that we will develop the disease, given that the onset of many diseases can depend on additional changes, diet, exposure to risk factors, and other environmental factors. Future research states, that you can have an embryo tested for varies of genetically diseases before the birth. A few ethical issues are related to health risk, pre-existing conditions that lead to questions about the genetic traits. (PG.45-48) C.

The comparison of the two, prenatal screening and genetic testing is that they both can be tested while the baby is still in the womb. The contraction of the two is prenatal screening is also used by an ultrasound to view images of the fetus inside the mother’s wound. Genetic testing consists of a needle inserted through the mother’s abdomen and her uterus, into the amniotic sac collecting fluid from around the baby. (PG. 61-65) D.

During a woman’s reproductive years, each ovary nourishes several hundred egg cells, mature and become ready for fertilization. An egg cell (ovum) matures in approximately every 28 days. When a menstrual cycle comes only the one that has matured is released. At...
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