Genetically Modified Organisms and the World Trade Organization

Topics: European Union, World Trade Organization, International trade Pages: 4 (1338 words) Published: December 12, 2005
Genetically Modified Organisms and the World Trade Organization

The dispute between the United States of America and the European Union over the labeling of products derived from genetically modified organisms will continue until the World Trade Organization places universal regulation on the labeling of these products. Currently many countries in the European Union are being very cautious about their use of Genetically Modified Organisms that might have adverse affects on consumers and the environment. The USA, India, China, Argentina, and Australia on the other hand have welcomed GMOs with little or no major controversy. The WTO became involved when both the EU and USA took action to protect their citizens. The EU has placed a moratorium on GMOs until they reach strict labeling regulation that will allow its citizens to choose which products they want to purchase. The USA on the other hand is lobbying to have the moratorium ended and USA farmers reimbursed for the monetary loss they suffered due to the ban on the import of their goods into Europe. Now it is up to the WTO to resolve the dispute with regulation. The WTO should make the tracing and labeling of GMOs required for international trade.

The EU wants labeling on GMOs and they have good support for their point of view. There have been multiple experiments that have found detrimental side effects from eating Genetically Modified Organisms, and the cross breeding of GMOs and plants in the natural environment. Arpad Pustzai, a scientist from Scotland did an experiment on genetically modified potatoes where he discovered that they were toxic enough to kill laboratory rats. The USA government disputes the legitimacy of the experiment, but this experiment is at least a good reason to hold a follow up experiment and more research into the side effects of these products. If genetically modified potatoes can kill a rat they are certainly not having beneficial effects on human consumers, and it is the...
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