Genetically Modified Humans

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BIOL340/Lecture/01 – Genetics
November 28, 2010.
Genetically Modified Humans

In the article “The New Eugenics: The Case Against Genetically Modified Humans,” the author discusses what human germline engineering could bring if it is allowed to be continued and why there need to be laws put in place to regulate it. The author makes several main points throughout the article. The author states that if human germline engineering is continued the future of our society may be filled with prejudice among the classes due to humans being genetically altered for their certain class. This will allow for parents to pick the characteristics of their children which will develop a different outlook on life than now. This may also lead to the loss of support for people with a disability. The author also states that human germline engineering is still supported because many individuals believe that it can lead to the development of new medical treatments. The author also discusses the laws that many countries have passed, banning human cloning. They have developed a line between human germline engineering and genetic studies. The United States does not have a law against human germline engineering or banning human cloning but federal money can’t be used for either. The author explains that the only way for human germline engineering to be regulated or banned is through strong political pressure and social movements. It is easier to prevent genetically modifying humans than to stop it later.

While the author had several main points throughout the article, some assumptions were made. The author based many of their ideas from the book, Remaking Eden: Cloning and Beyond in a Brave New World. The author assumed that generically modifying the characteristics and abilities of children will create such a difference in classes that they will eventually be enforced. The author also assumes that altering children will create a horrible image of human life. Parents will be trying...

Cited: Darnovsky, Marcy. "The New Eugenics: The Case Against Genetically Modified Humans" Print.
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