Genetically Modified Foods

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The issues of Genetically Engineered of food have entered media in many countries. A lot of food that individuals are eating during these times that has been characterized with global warming, economic turmoil, rising food prices and wide spread famine. Genetic modification has been defined as the alteration of genetic make up of organisms either through addition or even deletion of gene(s), in a manner that such changes will be will be inherited in a fashion that has been defined as being Mendilian. As an effect, genetically modified (GM) foods originate from genetically modified organisms. Such changes that lead to modification are much more precise as compared to mutation breeding. GM foods were introduced in that market in early 1990s, where such foods were typically plants, however, in 2010, animal products were also modified. On several grounds, critics have ended up objecting GM foods. Due to this reason, this research paper critically discusses whether Genetically Modified Foods: Global Savior or Anti-agriculture biological terrorists, (Shah, par 5).

Advantages of GM food

In times of global warming, economic turmoil, rising food prices and wide spread famine, the topic of genetically modified food is vital and relevant. As a mater of fact, in such times, genetically modified food has lots of economic and social benefits.

It has been proved that, GM food saves farmers a lot; for instance, farmers will no longer spray their plants with the use of pesticides. This is based on the fact that, such plants have in-built protection. In addition, farmers have the capability of producing with less seeds within a shortest period of time, as an effect, they ends up saving much as they have immensely cut down the costs. Another cost saving parameter arises from the savings from pesticides, herbicides and even fertilizers, which are not needed when dealing with Gm food crops (Deborah, par 12).

With the help of technology, genetically modified foods have been tilted in a manner that they have the ability to resist diseases, which can attack the plant when not expected; hence laying them a waste because they will just be destroyed or their growth interfered with. With this point in mind, such a capability will assist in reducing plant wastes, hence optimal production. Concerning the same factor of plants being tilted, different crops have been tilted to ensure that they have the capability of growing in different environmental conditions. For instance, plants like strawberries can be genetically modified with the aim of making them grow in frosts regions. On the other hand, there are other foods that grow in cold climates only, hence making them grow in hot climates, genetic engineering is far much important. To elaborate on this point, with such technology, such foods can grow in different continents like Africa where much of the continent does not have enough food as better part of it is just a desert. In general, modification has made food to grow in places that other plants could not grow.

Furthermore, genetically engineered foods can also be manipulated in a manner that, such foods might contain nutrients that it never had. For instance, there are foods that have been altered in a manner that now they contain vitamins, since it is universally known that lack of vitamins causes' blindness, in Africa only for instance 500,000 people go blind each year. As a result, such foods like rice can be engineered with the target of increasing vitamins and minerals, to reduce the number of individuals going blind each year.

Having all these advantages of GM foods, scientists are in laboratories expanding this technology. For instance, they are looking at the possibilities of modifying fish nuts, and plants genetically to ensure that they grow faster. This technology will not only increase food production, but also reduce food production costs.

Is GM foods Bio-Terrorism?

Other than all these advantages of GM food,...
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