Genetically Modified Food

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What are genetically modified foods?
‘The aim of today’s gene technologist is to introduce, enhance or delete particular characteristics of a living thing, depending on whether they are considered desirable or not’ (Healy, 2000, p. 1). An example of this is genetically modified food whereby scientists take good qualities of one organism, and place that gene into another organism. Genetically modified foods is when certain foods are enhanced scientifically for various reasons, whether that is to add more nutrients and vitamins, or to attempt to make the food last longer on shelves of grocery stores. How is genetically modified food created?

Genetically modified foods are genetically modified by the use of biotechnology (Better Health Victoria 2010). This works by which chosen individual genes with specialized traits are transferred from one organism to another. Genetically modified foods are a set of technologies that alter the genetic makeup of organisms such as animals, plants, or bacteria. By combining the genes from different organisms (otherwise known as recombinant DNA) it results in a genetically modified organism. One of the most limiting steps in the process of creating genetically modified foods is the locating of genes for their important traits. By the help of genome sequencing and data-analyzing technologies, they help assist scientists in understanding, locating and using the genes. What are the advantages of genetically modified food?

There are numerous advantages from the use of genetically modified food (The Human Genome Project Information 2008). Crops are enhanced by taste and quality, and their maturation time is reduced. There is an increase of nutrients, yields and stress tolerance, and crops are resistant to diseases and insects, as well as produce. This requires less chemicals applied to the crops such as pesticide and herbicide resistant plants. Genetically modified foods are also an advantage to animals. It increases their...
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