genetical modified foods

Topics: Immune system, Genetically modified organism, Genetic engineering Pages: 3 (706 words) Published: February 24, 2014
1. The safety of such products is not verified yet, in fact, we are the lab rats to test the safety of such technology. This is sad but true. In fact, genetically engineered food is being consumed daily with no thorough research of its potential threats on human health. 2. Genetically modified ingredients can cause cancer.

A consultant histopathologest at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Dr Stanley Ewen, raised the concern that food and water contaminated with genetically engineered material could increase the growth of malignant tumours upon contact with humans. Later, other studies suggested a link between engineered food and cancer. 3. It could raise new allergy outbreaks in humans.

It was found that a genetically engineered soya bean containing Brazilian nut protein was allergenic to humans and was withdrawn from production. 4. Under-Developed countries becoming more dependent on other communities. This was raised when developing the golden rice, a genetically modified rice that contains larger amounts of vitamin A, which can be beneficial to poor people in developing countries. However, it is usually the large companies of the developed world that can produce such crop engineering which will increase the dependency of poor counties on the Wild, Wild West! 5. You are ‘not’ what you eat any more!

Genetic engineering allows introducing animal products in plants which could raise issues for those with dietary restrictions, like vegetarian or vegans. 6. It is un-natural way of producing food.

There will always be unknown long term effects to the ecosystem and biodiversity when inducing unnatural ways to change the natural traits of crops. 7. Adverse effects on the immune system.
A study in 2008 showed that feeding mice engineered food for 30 days caused an immune reaction and altered the number of cells that regulated the immune functions in the body. 8. Pesticide resistant food can create super-creatures!

It’s not a joke, modified genes in engineered crops that...
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