genetic testing

Topics: Pregnancy, Lou Gehrig, Cancer Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: November 2, 2013
Brady Fairfield
integrated science
2nd hour
Genetic Testing
Too start with what is genetic testing all about? Genetic testing is when a doctor or some other device test the embryos of a female to find diseases within the egg. Is this a good thing or a bad thing to find out before the birth of the child?

The positives of genetic testing is very straight forward basically. The pros are to find out what disease the embryo has to get a cure for it early faster than late finding out when the baby is born. To find out if the parents of the baby have a genetic disease before they even have a baby do that they can know if the parents have a baby what are the possibilities of the babe having a genetic disease. It would be a good idea to find out if a parent as a carrier of a genetic disease if you are planning to start a family or have another child. Another pro to have one of these tests done is to give a peace of mind to the pregnant mother because they got so much going on with the hormones going crazy. It would make it easy on her to know that her baby is disease free. If it so happens that her baby does have a genetic disease they can get a treatment as soon as possible and buy the right heath insurance for the child and for the family.

The cons of genetic testing are that the test aren't always right about the results. You can make a life changing choice off a wrong test result. parents have gotten abortions on baby that have gotten a wrong result on a genetic test. Since these tests are so resent there are no laws protecting the information and the results of the tests on a person. The information can get out to the public and there are no laws that sys that is illegal. As a parent you want the perfect child right? you know how many important people that were born with a genetic disease that probably would not have been born if the tests were handed out to everybody. As a baseball fan the Lou Gehrig disease can be found in a genetic test and he might...

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