Genetic Engineering

Topics: DNA, Genetic engineering, Genetics Pages: 3 (730 words) Published: March 23, 2012
Genetic Engineering

Do you think that Genetic engineering is a positive step in our development? Many people think that genetic engineering is the next step in the evolution of humanity and has many benefits. However, genetic engineering presents unprecedented ethical and social concerns, such as damaging nature, limiting human autonomy and risking to human health.

First of all, genetic engineering can cause widespread crop failure affecting the natural environment. Nowadays, many people think that genetically modified foods can provide benefits such as increased nutrients, spoilage reduction, and a decrease of chemical contamination. However, there are a variety of environmental risks associated with genetic engineering. By combining genetic material from unlike species, genetic engineering essentially creates new organisms. When genetically engineered crops are planted there is a risk that some materials will contaminate wild plants. The consequences of this type of pollution are unknown. The long term effects of genetic pollution could include harm to plants, insects and animals and a loss of biodiversity. For example, when a farmer plants genetically engineered seeds, all the seeds have identical genetic structures. Thus if a virus grows which can attack this certain crop, there would be a widespread crop failure. The wind, insects, and plants can all carry genetically changed seeds onto close fields and land. Thus all crops, organic and non-organic, are threatened by contamination. Also, this contamination is different from other kinds of pollution because once the genes are out, they cannot be recalled. It can also contaminate water supplies and kill all the weeds in a field, thus lowering biodiversity. In short, the process of genetic engineering can thus introduce dangerous new toxins into foods that were previously naturally safe, altering the natural food chain. Secondly, genetic engineering limits children’s autonomy to shape their own destinies....
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