Genetic Engineering

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Biology Essay

Genetic Engineering, also called Genetic Modification, is the direct manipulation of an organism’s genome using biotechnology. An organism that is generated through genetic engineering is considered to be a genetically modified organism (GMO). Humans have altered the genomes of species for thousands of years through artificial selection and more recently mutagenesis. Genetic Engineering as the direct manipulation of DNA by humans outside breeding and mutations has only existed since the 1970s.

Man harnessed the power of the atom and not long after, soon realized the power of genes. Genetic Engineering is going to become a very mainstream part of our lives sooner or later, because there are so many advantages involved. One advantage is that diseases could be prevented by detecting people, plants, animals that are genetically prone to certain hereditary diseases, and preparing for the inevitable. Also, infectious diseases can be treated by implanting genes that code for antiviral proteins specific to each antigen. Genetic Engineering could increase genetic diversity, and produce more variant alleles which could also be crossed over and implanted into other species.

Like advantages, there are disadvantages. Nature is an extremely complex inter-related chain consisting of many species linked in the food chain. Some scientist believe that introducing genetically modified genes may have an irreversible effect with consequences yet unknown. Genetic engineering border lines on many moral issues, particularly involving religion, which question whether man has the right to manipulate the laws and course of nature.

I believe this is morally wrong, dangerous, and will lead to problems in our society. The ethical dilemmas of human genetic engineering are what make this issue so controversial. Humans are trying to play too large a role in the universe. Many people believe that genetic engineering of humans is interfering with natural processes like...
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