Genetic Engineering

Topics: DNA, Genetically modified food, Genetically modified organism Pages: 4 (1209 words) Published: June 9, 2013
Genetic Engineering

Genetically modified foods are formed from genetically modified organisms to create a specific change in and organism such as plants, animals or bacteria this change can alter the genetic make up of organisms. This change could provide better nutriance, higher sugars, larger produce, better taste, resistance to disease, or even longer lasting products. This change can be established by using genetic engineering of certain DNA, to produce these certain GM foods. Scientists have been using these methods for generations and have crossed the genetic make up of animals and plants to produce what they desire and what the world needs to survive better. Here in Australia whole GM whole foods such such as wheat, soybeans, maize and tomatoes are not present in Australia however Genetically modified food ingredients are present in Australia for example GM soy flour in bread which had originated in soybeans. In the following essay I will discuss why Genetically Modified Organisms should be allowed to be produced and sold in Australia.

The three most common methodologies used to create GM products include selective breeding, transgenic cloning and genetic engineering of tissue and DNA. Selective breeding is the process of breeding animals or plants for specific genetic traits, the breeding is directed on professional breeding farms or stations. This form of crossbreeding can create hybrids and new species, which can benefit and produce more of a gene that is much needed. Examples of selective breeding includes the Belgian blue this cow has been formed over generations by only breeding the two cows with the biggest muscles therefore overtime a cow such as the (Belgian blue) has been formed where they carry a super gene where there muscles are supersized. Transgenic cloning is when they inject the genes of any organism into a new egg to create an exact replica of the organism copied, an example of this includes Scamper, an extremely successful...
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