Topics: Genetics, Cancer, Genetic disorder Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Gene testing should be available for disorders that cannot be cured or prevented Genetic tests are done by analysing small samples of blood or body tissue. Therefore they can determine whether people carry the genes for certain inherited diseases. Genetic testing is continuously developing and has now developed enough that doctors can often accurately pinpoint missing of defective genes. This is crucial in the prevention of inherited disorders and giving parents around the world a chance to raise a healthy child. There are also many reasons why gene testing should not be available including possible inaccuracy in genetic testing. Gene testing could be revolutionary in stopping the spread of disorders that are transferred through family line and passed on via genes. A doctor may recommend gene testing for many reasons including: a child having a medical problem that is recognised as a genetic disorder or a couple planning to start a family and either a close relative or one of the husband and wife has inherited a genetic disorder. In the case of a child affected by a genetic disorder testing would be performed to confirm the diagnosis. It may also aid in finding an appropriate treatment depending on the severity of the genetic illness. It could make life a huge amount easier for many families around the world with children affected by genetic disorders. When a couple knows that they have been affected by a genetic disorder or in many cases a close relative has and therefore they could possess the affected gene, it can change their decision on having children dramatically. Having a child beings great happiness for couples and being deprived of this pleasure because of the uncertainty regarding passing on a genetic disorder can be fixed by genetic testing. The testing can provide the couple critical information as to whether their child will inherit the disorder when they are born. It can change people’s lives for the better and remove the doubt that many couples...
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