Generational Differences

Topics: Baby boomer, Demographics, Cultural generations Pages: 3 (964 words) Published: May 21, 2010
A generation is a group of individuals who are born at a specific time period. Generations range from every alphabet letter known to man. I myself, am from generation Y. This is the generation that has become victims to so many trends and fads of this world. The Y generation differs in many things from the baby boomer's generation.

A baby boomer was born between the years of 1946 and 1964. They were given this name because of the soldiers coming home from war, and making love to their wives/significant other. This was the biggest population period of humans known to mankind. One in every four Americans is a baby boomer. According to statistics, a baby boomer turns 50 years old every 18 seconds and 60 years old every seven seconds. Baby boomer's political views were a mixture of liberal and conservative. According to statistics, 74% of baby boomers are favor of more environmental regulations, 57% support legal abortions, 55% believe in stem cell research, and 26% of them support gay marriage. Also 75% of baby boomers are in favor of school prayer, 70% support the death penalty, and 65% agree that civil liberties should be curbed because of terrorism (Davis and Love," 2002).

During the baby booming period new schools had to be built due to the increasing population. Also more people started to be farms and ranches. Strip malls also were being built and becoming a main attraction. In the 1950's, movies were the 35 cents. "Drive in theaters became part of the young family social scene, primarily owing to cheap tickets. The main movie genres were melodramas, westerns, horror films, comedies, and action-adventure films (Baby Boom Generation, n.d.). Musicals and science fiction became popular at a later time in the 50s. Popular kids shows would be play at the theaters on Saturday afternoons (Baby Boom Generation, n.d.).

Popular television shows consisted of Buffalo Bob and Clarabule, Captain Kangaroo, Lassie, Leave it to Beaver, and I love Lucy....

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