Generation Y, They’re Here & They’re Staying

Topics: Generation Y, Generation Z, Strauss and Howe Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Generation Y, They’re Here & They’re Staying
1. Introduction
The ever increasing numbers of Generation Y entering the global workforce has not only caught the attention of those at the top but has also created concern with those currently employed in the workforce. •There is a concern that the Y Generation and their stereotypical views and perception will create implications for those in the business world. Thesis statement:

“This paper will analyse and argue that not all views and perceptions of Generation Y arise to implications affecting business professionals” 2. Generation Y, who are they?
To understand what affects Generation Y has on others in the business world, there is a need to first look at who exactly is Generation Y •There are various names given to this generation, they are referred to as ‘Millennials, Gen Y, Echo Boomers, Nexters, the Internet Generation, Neo’s’ (Zemke, R. 2001, p.47 & Honeywill, R. & Byth, V. 2006, p.12) •What classifies a person belonging to the Y Generation is the period in which they are born. Generation Y are those born between the years of 1980 and 1994, but may vary between demographers (Zemke, R. 2001, p.47 & Bassett, B., 2008, p.18 & Knight, A., 2007) •The size of this generation to infiltrate the workforce will increase 3. Generation Y, Characteristics & M.O.

3.1 Generation Y, the person
Stereotyping a person or a group, one must need to judge their character. To achieve this, there is a need to focus on characteristics the individual or group may possess in their professional life •Technology driven + City dwellers + Confident = Gen Y(Zemke, R. 2001, p.47 & Bassett, B., 2008, p.18) •Upbringing

Millennials are educated, economically and politically orientated. (Honeywill, R. & Byth, V. 2006, pp.21-23) •Leisure and entertainment play a great role.
3.2 Generation Y, the Employee
When hiring Generation Y, they come as a package of many attributes that some might not share the same view •...

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