Generation Y's Role in America's Future

Topics: Generation Y, Demographics, Baby boomer, Cultural generations, Strauss and Howe, Gender role / Pages: 3 (513 words) / Published: Jan 15th, 2011
While Generation Y (the people born approximately between 1970 and 2000) is alive, the Baby Boomers will pass. Generation Y will be the leading force determining everything from pop culture to foreign policy. Being the largest generation in U.S. history, they will play a huge role in America’s future and will leave a dramatic impact. Generation Y will achieve more tolerance and understanding for alternative lifestyle choices, lead to substantial technological progress and have great advancements in science.
To begin with, members of Generation Y are distinguish as being more racially and culturally tolerant than previous generations. Life choices that were once frowned upon are becoming more widely accepted, including gay rights, non-traditional gender roles and interracial relationships. Currently, there are several states that recognize gay marriage. Even though it is still illegal in various states greater justice and equality are becoming more apparent for same gender couples, along with interracial partners. In today’s society, an African American man and a Caucasian woman can walk down the street hand in hand without having to worry about being gawked at or commented on. However, past generations had to deal with disapproving glares and remarks. With the existing open-mindedness of Generation Y, it is plausible to believe that at some point in this generation’s lifespan, discrimination against different lifestyle decisions will be eliminated. Additionally, Generation Y has grown up in a world characterized by iPods, Facebook, diverse Internet resources and severe multitasking. Children can be seen simultaneously instant messaging, doing homework, watching television and listening to music. These are the children of the Baby Boomers, who are deeply engrossed in a digital world, which will only progressively advance. Technology is quickly growing with no intention of impeding. Generation Y is the first to be raised with the Internet, providing a number

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