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Generation Z
Research Paper


This paper reflects research found on generation Z. Generation Z, the current generation, “nickname digital natives”, born from the mid ‘90’s through 2006, never lived a day in their lives without technology. Nursing should use this information to remember generation z use technology every day and should incorporate it in while working with someone from generation z. Nurses must also remember obesity rates run high in generation z and make sure generation z gets educated on obesity and ways to prevent it. Generation z is our future and we need to ensure they become equipped with the right information to succeed.

Generation Z
Description of Generation Z
Crappell (2013), describes Generation Z children as “…a craving for instant gratification. Students who were born in the early to mid 1990’s have never known a world without the internet, so unsurprisingly, they value the rapid delivery of content at the touch of a screen.” “Members of this generation are highly connected, having had lifelong use of communication and media technology like the World Wide Web, instant messaging, text messaging, MP3 players, and mobile phones, earning them the nickname digital natives” (Schmidt, Hawkin 2008; pg 1)

Generation Z and The Importance to Nursing
Generation Z grew up with technology. They use this technology to their advantage looking up everything online, communicating to people half way around the world, ECT. Nursing and the medical field currently use new and upcoming technology: from documenting a patient’s chart electronically, a doctor communicating to a patient thousands of miles away. When a patient is from Generation Z a nurse knows the patient uses and understands current technology. In addition to the ‘know-how’ of these tech savvy children, there comes a downfall, obesity. According to Biber, Czech, Harris, Melton (2013, p 311), “ Due to the increased use of technology, Generation Z spends more time indoors, is less physically active and more obese compared to previous generations.” The study based on physical activity produced outcomes that Americans should be wary of: children participated in activity for 5-10 minutes and thought it was a long time and then went and played on the computer, participants feared of injury, detrimental to activity, the pressure to succeed, and boredom. Obesity for Gen Z, exceeds Gen X obesity rates three fold. (Biber, etal 2013) Obesity negatively reflects on an individual’s ability to lead a productive life and profoundly impacts the medical field, causing unnecessary health care needs. Generation Z A Culture?

Culture defined by Merriam-Websters online dictionary, states “…b :  the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group; also :  the characteristic features of everyday existence (as diversions or a way of life} shared by people in a place or time . Generation Z children and all their commonalities meet

the criteria of a culture. Their diverse use of multiple types of electronic technologies shaped them. For example “ their technological savvy and information is at their fingertips, but this group is also more self-directed. Kids today have little need to await direction. They can access whatever information they need relatively freely and that information is usually enough to base a decision on. Where previous generations had to rely on a parent or teacher or supervisor to explain something, Gen Z (generation Z) isn't bound by those constraints and can access the info they need when they need it and get to work.” (Trunk, 2009; pg1) We as a group agree with the term culture and in turn Generation Z meets the mark. Children of this generation only knows technology as a way of life and want answers now, as documented by Cappell....

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