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Hannah Cristofano
Period 2
CIHS Rhetoric

Generation Like Documentary
The documentary entitled Generation Like tries to convince the audience that all teenagers are obsessed with social media and are sucked in to the depths of multiple forms of social media. Throughout the documentary the narrator, Douglas Rushkoff explores the many kinds of social media and how they influence the lives of teens all around the country. He portrays kids to be obsessed with social media and almost makes them look stupid. The argument the film is trying to make it that all kids are obsessed and let social media consume their lives and have nothing to live for but that. Overall, I do believe that kids in our generation are obsessed with social media and that many kids let it consume their daily lives.

I believe this documentary’s argument is accurate and portrays kids in our generation for the most part because we are a generation obsessed with social media. Our generation was the first introduced to the different forms of social media. Most of us have had a Facebook since middle school, making us the youngest people on there. Ever since we were little we have been raised with social media in our lives. It has been a part of us since we were even able to use a computer. The documentary shows a groups of “friends” sitting at a dining room table all with their own lap tops asking each other for their opinions on their profile pictures and cover photos. As hard as it is to watch and believe, that really happens in real life. Even between my groups of friends we all ask each other for approval on the pictures we post. We say things like “is this cute?” or “do you think I’ll get a lot of likes for this?”. We are so obsessed with getting “likes” on our posts and pictures that we literally have to get approval from our friends to post things instead of just posting the things we enjoy. Getting “likes” in this generation, is some sort of self-esteem booster...
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