General-to-Specfic Text Presentation

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My name is N. and my partner’s name is Z. We are going to present you information on the General-Specific type of texts. Our presentation will take about 3-4 minutes. At first, we will pay attention to the structure of this type of texts, then speak about definitions and generalizations as a means of staring a text, then analyze the text we’ve chosen, and finally make a conclusion. Students face a variety of writing tasks in their course work. Although these tasks vary from course to course and discipline to discipline, the ways to present information are similar. General-to-Specific Pattern is one of these ways.

The general-to-specific pattern is probably one of the most common patterns in college writing. It may be used in any of these familiar places: • introduction to a paper
• background in a research paper
• opening paragraphs for a discussion or an analysis
• essay examination answers
As the name suggests, this pattern is characterized by a movement in your thinking from a generalization to specific details. Your opening paragraph would begin with a general statement and then add details that explain it. The details may continue to become increasingly more specific. The pattern ends with a broad statement that summarizes your thinking that resulted from the details. The most common way to start a GS text is to use either definition or generalization. • Definition:

• A method of developing a paragraph, essay, or speech by moving from a general observation about a topic to specific details in support of that topic. • Also known as the deductive method of organization, general-to-specific order is commonly used than the reverse method. By analysis, comparison-contrast-analogy,function,etymology,example,synonyms. Generalizations

Writing generalizations at the beginning of the GS text can help you to organize your thoughts. Generalizations:
Are statement that are simple enough, so that most everyone understands them • Address the information...
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