General Thomas Gage: Biography

Topics: French and Indian War, United States, Thomas Gage Pages: 1 (338 words) Published: June 19, 2011
General Thomas Gage

Thomas Gage can be called significant for many reasons. The main thing he is known for is his many years of service in North America; he played the role of a military commander in the early days of the American war of Independence. He also did other great things that I as a citizen of the United States feel that he should be credited for, while he was known for having little talent for command, his real skill was as an administrator. He fully proved that this was his greatest skill when he was known as the military governor of Montréal from 1761 to 1763. He did things like confront legacies of the French and Indian war; he even tried to keep colonist who wanted to buy land away from new conflicts with the Indians. But soon his mission shifted from protecting the Americans to controlling them. In 1774, Gage became the new governor of Massachusetts; he enforced Coercive Acts by closing the port of Boston and suspending representative government in the colony. If we go back a little to the many achievements of General Gage you will see he is a very significant person. In doing my research I found that he is one of the many people who dedicated their lives to our country. If there were people who had the chance to sit in Gage’s shoes I think they would have settled for just being a governor, or just being a General. No one else would have gone as far as to be both. In my opinion, Gage should have his own chapter in our history books because he’s done enough to be confirmed as a significant character. Gage was a British solider, General, and Governor; appointed major of the 44th regiment in February 1747, and at the time of Braddock’s expedition he had risen to the rank of lieutenant-colonel. With over 10 achievements, and over 10 unacknowledged marks in history, General Thomas Gage is indeed significant.
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