General Statistics Project

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Introduction .
My project will be about my grades in mathematics for the past twelve years of my school life and I choose some of my grades, however I choose not only the final grades but the monthly tests and the quizzes as well, although I had some bad grades, progressing was one of my achievements and the whole point or we can say my aims from this project was to show my progress and how I was apple to improve my mathematics skills during my school life trying to build up a good future for myself in the future to get accepting in the most universities around the globe as an individual students. Body of the project .

The Data I collected was from my previous tests results and I took around 25 tests some of the quizzes and final tests as following: 80,40,46,46,21,33,80,50,60,30,46,50,42,33,80,87,60,66,80,24,80,66,24,33,24. Now I need to get the grates width by taking the highest grade and subtract it from the lowest grade and then divide the answer by 7 since we have seven classes:

Width→ 87-21 / 7 = 9.42
Width =10

After that I'm going to drew a table to show the lower grates and the upper grade in order to get the frequency, midpoint, Relative frequency and cumulative frequency

Grates of mathematics
Lower gratesUpper

The table above it showed how I'm going to get the frequency, midpoint, Relative Frequency and cumulative frequency.

(Lower – upper)BoundariesmidpointFrequency Relative
frequencyCumulative frequency
21 – 3020.5 - 30.525.550.25
31 – 4030.5 - 40.535.540.169
41 – 5040.5 - 50.545.560.2415
51 – 6050.5 – 60.555.520.0817
61 – 7060.5 – 70.565.520.0819
71 – 8070.5 – 80.575.550.224
81 – 9080.5 – 90.585.510.0425
N=∑F= 25∑f r= 1

So just by looking at the table above we can observe what boundaries are however we it's just taking half which is equal to 0.5...
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