General Psychology: Final Project Instructions

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This archive file comprises PSY 330 Week 5 Assignment Final Project Psychology - General Psychology
Final Project

Select one of the following options for your Final Project:

Option 1: Models of Personality Critique

Focus of the Final Project

Using the model of personality you selected in Week One, write an eight- to ten- page, double-spaced (not including title and reference pages) critique of the model.  Your discussion should incorporate a minimum of six to eight scholarly, peer-reviewed sources that were published within the last five years.  Your critique should provide an evaluation of the selected model rather than a simple summary.  Your Final Project critique must contain the following:

Provide a general introduction to the selected model, as well as, the focus of this critique and the overall direction your paper will take.
Present a detailed critique and/or evaluation of the model of personality you have selected.  Be sure that your opinions about the model are substantiated by citations from scholarly research.  As the majority of your Final Project, this section must contain an evaluation of:

1. The theories present within your selected model
2. The major contributors in the field of your selected model 3. The methods of inquiry used by your selected model
4. An overview of the strengths and weaknesses of this model of personality

Provide a summary of your critique of the selected model of personality.  Address the current relevance of this model in explaining theories of personality.  Additionally, discuss the possible future research directions that could be taken to further elucidate the role of this model in explaining personality.  

Writing the Final Project

The Final Project:

1. Must be eight to ten double-spaced pages in le...

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