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Topics: Othello, Desdemona, Iago Pages: 3 (848 words) Published: April 2, 2014

Othello is a highly conflicted character which exacerbates his complexity as the protagonist. Where he struggles with which identity he should embrace in this Venetian Christian society. The two different conflicting sides of Othello:

The Christianized Moor:

[Symbol]Based on Anthony’s perspective, we learn that Othello is hypocritical in nature. In the context of ‘magic’, When Othello was accused as having used ‘black magic’ to seduce Desdemona, he attempts to be sophisticated by depicting himself as a devout Christian in a Venetian Christian society, by stating loftily that “he is above such primitive traffic and belief”. In comparison, Othello portrays himself to believe in magic in front of Desdemona, even though he had initially denied it in front of Brabantio. As illustrated in Othello saying “There’s magic in the web of it” to Desdemona
His insecurity stems from the fact that he sees himself as an outsider in the society, which contributes to his hypocritical nature. This hypocritical nature of his makes him more vulnerable to Iago’s treachery.

[Symbol] Another learning point from the article would be that by the author introducing the perspective of the audience of that time frame, bringing in contextual background knowledge; it has provided a new basis for Othello’s personality traits. Where with this peculiar perspective, indicates the complexity of Othello’s character through his insecurities stemming from religion and race. “An Elizabethan audience would not have been willing to grant Othello the unlimited admiration he receives from Cassio, Desdemona, the Duke, and his senate at the beginning of the play.” This illustrates that despite Othello being surrounded by people who admire and respect him; the overall society rejects him entirely, seeing him as an anomaly. Othello’s state of not being marginalized based on societal norms is extremely fragile and unstable.

With this perspective in mind, it is plausible to say that...
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