General Motors: Marketing Plan

Topics: General Motors, Marketing, Automobile Pages: 4 (1280 words) Published: October 13, 2010
Product Strategy

General Motors has always had a reputation of diluted products. They had many vehicle lines with many differend brands. This idea was to offer a product that appealed to many different target markets. They have since simplified their product lines by selling off certain brands. Oldsmobile, Saturn, Saab, Hummer, and Pontiac have been disbanded and the new General Motors is a tighter more organized business as a result. Cadillac and Buick have seen steady growth within their sector and have been marketed very well to date. Cadillac is seen as prestigue symbol and has a larger pricetag than any of the other models. Buick is showing phenominal growth with an introduction of new products that is taking the focus of the old Buick car as a retirement ride and putting it on styling, design and quality. We feel that if General Motors takes a further step to segmenting Chevrolet and re-marketing GMC, that they could see a big percentage of customer winback. People in North America have a particular taste for domestic products. General Motors has more plants in North and south America than all other car manufacturer’s combined ( I need a source for this one). The main focus for us is to re-introduce the Chevrolet line and market it towards our chosen target markets, as well to take the GMC logo and create a new perception of it in terms of how it seen in the market. The GMC nameplate will be geared more towards the domestic competition and the chevrolet will be more towards imports but neither market is to be ignored with either nameplate. Chevrolet will offer eleven vehicles that are to be marketed in a similar fashion to each other, but geared towards different buyers. The Aveo, Cobalt and HHR will make up our small car division and the Malibu and Impala will be our midsized car division. The Camaro and Corvette will be our sports cars with our final group of cross-overs and trucks being comprised of the Colorodo, Silverado, Traverse...
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