General Motors

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Problems faced in different countries

In 1994, General Motors Europe began a massive change process. The vision was for GME/Opel to create Customer Enthusiasm; to win and hold the loyalty of customers for life. While various quality improvements had been under way for years in manufacturing, studies showed that the customer's purchasing experience is at least as important as product quality when he makes his choice. Customer Enthusiasm is a step beyond Customer Satisfaction. It means systematically exceeding the customer's expectations by using standard processes which are implemented throughout the organization. Task

The task was massive. In a short period of time employees all over Europe needed to be informed and motivated to implement the new business strategy. The intervention was conceived as a waterfall process of five types of training, involving different levels of the retail organization. Approach

The GME/Opel retail organization in Europe consists of over 4000 dealerships. Each operates as its own business. To shift the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors at all of these dealerships required a training approach which could win the hearts and minds of each and every person touched by it. Experiential Learning Labs was the adopted approach, to create commitment and to complement the cognitive inputs. These Labs consist of a variety of action-based simulations which engage the interest and energy of participants as they study. Programs

Challenge Learning provided the first three phases of training programs: Phase 1 imparted the vision to key Opel wholesale personnel and to the Opel franchise holders and their managers. The key concept was to experience a new approach to business and create commitment. Phase 2 provided the tools to translate the enthusiasm generated in phase 1 into the practical approach on the job, for the same participant group. The output of this phase was the production of an action plan to implement the new set of retail standards. Phase 3 addressed all personnel: sales, aftersales, management and administrative, combining motivation with the introduction of new standards. The following phases were to be carried out by the client's own training organization. Organization

Challenge Learning contacted and selected trainers in all 18 countries, then organized and executed a Train-the-Trainer series. This enabled cultural adjustment of the program, and delivery in all local languages. Challenge Learning site management and support was set up at a location provided by the client in Spain, where all phase 1 sessions were held. This phase included many outdoor exercises which required specialist technical expertise. Phases 2 and 3, carried out in the various countries, were preceded by pilot sessions to perfect program design and delivery techniques. Course delivery was continuously supported by core Challenge Learning training staff, who assured continuous liaison with NSCs on scheduling, venues, materials etc.. Result

The program has been well received in all countries. Dealers, initially skeptical, have finished by requesting further sessions at their own expense. All five phases are due to be concluded in June 1996, on target and well within budget.

Shanghai General Motors Co. Ltd. (Shanghai GM) is a joint venture between GM and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. Group (SAIC), a leading passenger car manufacturer in China. GM holds a 49 percent stake. Shanghai GM was formed in June 1997. It is fully supported by a network of sales, aftersales and parts centers. It builds imports and sells a comprehensive range of Buick, Cadillac and Chevrolet products. In 2010, Shanghai GM became China’s first passenger car maker to sell 1 million vehicles in a single year. It 2011, it had record domestic sales of 1,200,355 units. We launched our first vehicle that was manufactured in China, the Buick Century [similar to the Buick Regal in the United States], at the end of 1998 and started...
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