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CASE – 1:
Q1: What do you think was the effect of Smith’s outburst on the other managers at the meeting? Ans: The other managers of the meeting would have cautioned themselves to be more prepared on their subjects for the next meeting. They would have felt sorry for Tom Brewster who became a victim for his ignorance on the subject. The other managers would have put them in place of Brewster and would have imagined the insult that they might have faced if they were not prepared fully for the meeting. As a Manager, everyone should have in depth knowledge on their subject and the message was communicated very well to them via Brewster by Mr. Smith.

Q2. Was it necessary for Smith to apologize to Brewster? Why? Ans: It was necessary for Mr. Smith to apologize Brewster since Brewster got into that department newly and would require time to get knowledge of his products. On the last moment he was invited for the meeting in place of his boss and without knowing what was expected of him, he got the firing which is not correct. This would have hurt his sentiments and morale. The apology in turn will increase his morals in manifold. A person who is very senior in the organization, apologizing to Brewster would have improved the positive energy in him and he would have charged him up in his duties and responsibilities in time to come. Apologizing to a very junior employee is not easy but Mr. Smith did it and proved that he cares for his juniors and this proves that every employee in the organization is treated with respect which is a positive sign on the part of Mr. Smith. If he would not have apologized to Brewster, he would have lost his morale and even would have thought of leaving the job.

Q3: How would you respond to the kind of apology that Brewster received? Ans: If I was in the position of Brewster, I would have taken it very positively. I very senior person in the...
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