General Management

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Q 1. How were principles of delegation and decentralization incorporated into Cine – Made operations? Q 2. What are the sources and uses of power at Cin – Made? Q 3. What were some of the barriers to delegation and empowerment at Cin –Made? 1. What specific errors did Warren and Carol Oats make during their first week in Japan? 2. If you were talking to a non-U.S. businessperson making a first contact with an American company, what advice would you give?

1. What are the management issues in this case
2. What did Coke do and what could have been done differently? 3. What are the key factors that were or should have been considered by management? 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of centralization and decentralization? 2. What was the rationale for the Ford 2000 program?

3. Why did Ford change from decentralization to centralization to recentralization? 4. Why did Ford establish a luxury car division?
5. Do you think Ford will be in the competitive global market? Why or why not? 1) What is your assessment of Barrett’s performance and his vision for Intel? Is he the right person for the job at Intel?

2) What are some problems associated with frequent reorganization? 3) What are the pros and cons for focusing on the distant futures and the heavy investment in new technologies?


1) Was Global Bank, Pune Branch correct in its argument, as the credit issuing bank? 2) Was the stand taken by The American Bank, New York correct, as the negotiating bank? 1) Elaborate the deficiency of service on the part of the bank, pointed out by the National consumer redressal forum, in the light of the uniform rules for collection ICC publication No.522.

2) Advise the firm about the precautions they should have taken to avoid such a colossal business loss.
3) Discuss the remedial measures the bank in India should take to avoid such damaging judgements by the consumer forums.
4) Elaborate the Supreme Court judgement in...
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