General Management

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Disciplinary literacy
General Management
When I was applying for university, I have discussed with my parents about choosing major. At that time, my father just told me:"Do General Management, try your best, go home and help my business", and then I received an offer from Michigan State University. Until I really need to consider about my major seriously, after some researching, I found this major is really interesting and useful. Here is a brief introduce to General Management: what do general manager do, what will I study at this field, what skills are necessary to work in the field of General Management, how to do well to be a top managers from a basic employee, and a typical career path for an General Management. What is General Management?

"The General Management Unit is concerned with the leadership and management of the enterprise as a whole. This concern encompasses: the personal values and qualities of effective general managers and enterprise leaders; the philosophies, values, and strategies that inform successful enterprises; and the relation of enterprise to the broader community and other external constituencies"(Faculty and Research). A manager may be responsible for one functional area, but the general manager is responsible for all areas. "They chart the company's strategic direction, decide on what processes the company will use to pursue that strategy, then lead the rest of the company's employees through the day-to-day tasks necessary to move the company in that direction. Working with the board of directors, who represent the shareholders of the company, they make decisions about things like what mix of products and/or services the company will sell, how the company will allocate its resources, what markets the company will go after, and how the company will finance its operations"(General Management). General managers and top executives plan, organize, direct, control, and coordinate the operations of an organization and its major departments or programs, and there are wide range of titles such as chief executive officer, president, owner, etc. general managers' responsibilities depends on the size of the organization. In lager organizations, their duties are highly specialized. In smaller organizations, such as small manufactures, factorys, general managers often also responsible for training, hiring, purchasing, quality control, and day-to-day supervisory duties. What Kinds of Courses Should I Take?

"Basic subject matter includes the theory and principles of administration, organization, and motivation; decision and strategy; and human resource management. Students also gain foundational knowledge from business fields such as finance, accounting, marketing and supply chain management through the required business administration core program"(Undergraduate Study). As General Management students at MSU, we will need to attend a wide range of business fields. We will select courses from accounting, finance, economics, management, marketing, law, in addition to managerial accounting, human resources management, leadership, management science and statistics. In order to be an international General Manager, we will need to learn cultures, humanities, and even languages of other countries that we attend to. But the basic skill I think which is also the most important part is having outstanding English. What Skills are Necessary to Work in the Field of General Management Managers with strong leadership qualities and the ability to improve the efficiency or competitive position of an organization are most successful. "For the most part, corporate executives control how an organization operates. They develop corporate structures and policies, direct and coordinate employee activities, find and develop alliances with suitable business partners, raise money to grow their organizations, and make systematic changes, as needed, to keep their businesses profitable. Without their...

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