General Internet Skills

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General Internet Skills

Using the Internet for Academic Purposes

As a student I need to have general internet skills to survive at the University of Phoenix. These skills include…

✓ Understanding what the purpose of the browser is.

✓ Understands the general structure of a website address.

✓ Understands the key features of a web page.

✓ Understands browser features such as; address bar, home buttons, history, etc.

✓ Knows how to use key words in a simple search.

✓ Understands how to navigate and use the University of Phoenix Student Portal.

✓ Understands how to choose a information from a credible website.

✓ Knows how to cite any electronic references from information used.

Appropriately Communicating with Different Audiences

As a student of University of Phoenix, it is important that I learned how to communicate with different audiences. I can do this by using formal communication. It is important that I communicate with the instructors in a formal way. Formal communication is very professional.

Students should not speak with instructors as they would their family members and friends. Students should be very respectful when speaking with instructors, being exact and specific, leaving no room for misinterpretation.


University of Phoenix and University Library Resources

The University of Phoenix’s mission is to help students achieve their professional goals, improve the productivity of their organizations, and provide leadership and service to their communities. They strive to do this by providing access to higher education opportunities that enable students to achieve these goals.

Since becoming a student at the University of Phoenix, I have taken advantage of the resources offered in the Library. I will continue to use the resources throughout my journey at University of Phoenix.

The University offers extensive contents and services for research, media library, Center for writing excellence, Center for mathematics excellence, and Phoenix Career Services.

The Center for writing excellence offers different tutorials and guides for student improvement, they are very useful. It also offers WritePoint. WritePoint is a review service that is available to students and also faculty. It allows a student to submit a paper and the system automatically reviews it and offers suggestions for improvements. Along with the WritePoint, the Center for writing excellence offers a Plagiarism Checker. It helps the student understand where they are with plagiarism when they are doing an essay.

The University Library offers peer reviewed academic journal. Many instructors prefer for students to use research information from the University library.

The University of Phoenix offers many other resources that are useful. All of them are great to use, so I will continue to take advantage of them all.


Upholding Academic Honesty

It is important as a student at the University of Phoenix to uphold academic honesty. As a student I will continue to be original when completing assignments. The University Of Phoenix Student Code Of Academic Integrity states that Academic dishonesty threatens the integrity of individual students as well as the University’s academic community.

A sign of academic dishonesty is plagiarizing. I will continue to remain original and use the plagiarism checker.


Setting and Achieving Goals

As a full time student with a full time job, I had to learn to set short term and long term goals. It is important to set goals because it allows me to get better results. It puts me on the fast track and it also allows me to work smarter. I set goals because I am trying to get a better job to provide better for my family.

I have just completed my short term goal, which was to complete the...
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