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Topics: Generation, Generation Y, The Generation Gap Pages: 3 (1034 words) Published: April 7, 2013
The generation gap which refers to the differences in attitudes between people of different generations like leading to the lack of understanding between a family, friends, officers or the others. It is also defined as a difference in values, lifestyles, and economic, the opportunities that exist between people of different age cohorts living in the same society. The generational differences have existed throughout history.’(Stevenson, Soanes, 2004)’ A gap has been always noted between the current generation and the other generations distinct. ‘(Emillia, 2011)’ Everything is affected by the changes of the time-the age, the culture, mannerism, morality, and thinking. It is possible that the generation gaps are very different from both teenagers and parents like me. Nowadays, the technological having a greatest change in advantages between generations. We can see that the comparison of technologies between the past and the present years especially like the television. The television in the past was only having a black and white image, optical screens, a few channels, and also with an antenna attach to their back. But today there are many types of varieties televisions which we can have and hold. The new generation can enjoy about watching television by having a liquid crystal display and plasma display, which also having great sound systems and in flat screens which can let them enjoying the better of the hearing sense and the sense of sight. The computer is the one of technologies that are evolve completely that can make our works easier and faster, great-organize and fitting than older types of writing and manipulating the files. It is also changing the Central Processing Unit (CPU), keyboard and mouse have improved into which is called laptop or notebook that can help us access the Internet quickly. For example, my parents have to use handwriting to complete their works since they are young but now new generations can use the computer to complete their...
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