General Course Students Career Presentation

Topics: Employment, Minimum wage, Extracurricular activity Pages: 3 (563 words) Published: August 6, 2013
General Course Students Career Presentation

Viki Chinn Careers Consultant LSE Careers Service

Using the Careers Service The UK job market Internships UK CV protocol Questions

Using the Careers Service
Seminars Employer led workshops and skills sessions Forums Careers Fairs Email alert – Tell us what you want to know about One to one advice (go to seminars first!) Jobs board

What we can and can’t do
We can
Help you identify your dream job Reality check – Labour market knowledge Suggest stepping stones to the dream job Help you articulate your employability skills to employers Help you with your careers research Miracles..? We can’t… create jobs / internships in competitive sectors Write your CV/ application for you Proofread Change the world

Re-active and proactive job hunting
Reactive markets Lots of big players with 60 – 1000 vacancies Recruit every year Skill shortage Proactive markets Majority of recruiters have one or at most two vacancies Don’t recruit every year No skills shortage

The sought-after profile
Consistently good academic performance Awards, achievements Some work experience Extra-curricular activities Voluntary/community work People who can communicate, analyse information, problem-solve, work with others and learn on an ongoing basis

Getting Started
Step one: Do your research
Our website
My Careers Service Information for current students

Careers subscriptions – valuable research tools – Vault, WetFeet, Going Global, Policy Jobs Seminars Meet Employers– Fairs, presentations and forums

Common in:
Management Finance & Banking Consultancy?? Law Marketing, advertising, PR

Less common in
Media NGOs/development Think tanks 'Niche' or specialist areas

Internship issues
Dates you are available – most internships run for the whole of July and August Locally focused recruitment – internships are used to talent spot, so some organisations are only interested in...
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