General Collin Powell

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General Colin Powell
General Colin Powell has remained reputed four star general in united state army. During 2001-2005 he was sixty fifth united state secretary of state and worked under guidance of president of America of that time Mr. George w. bush. He was an American African and was first person from his community who got such position. He was born on 5the April 1937. He joined officer training corps and became unit commander of his section. Then he decided to join US army and became second lieutenant.

Leadership traits
Colin Powell has various these qualities or attributes. He likewise needs to be reliable with the American open so they can believe the choices he makes to ensure the United States natives. He additionally needs to be, and is, confident and certain. As a pioneer of numerous individuals in life undermining circumstances, Powell needs to be sure that the choices he is making are to the greatest advantage of his troops. He additionally needs to have trust in himself to settle on the right choices and remained by these choices. Confidence is an alternate attribute that Powell has. Powell needs to be confident when communicating his presumption for the benefit of his troops when he is making orders. [3] Having Sense of right and wrong

From 1968 to 1969 Colin Powell was sent on a Vietnam tour. He was given task of investigating My Lai massacre. More than 300 civilians were killed in this operation. Colin Powell disliked it and protest against the US army for this act and stated it wrong. [9] This was the example of his sense of judging right and wrong. Strategy builder

In numerous different occurrences of Powell's leadership, he skillfully made close bonds among his troops to acquire the best results for all gatherings included. Repeatedly this procedure that Powell utilized as a part of his numerous administration parts...
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