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1. Small business marketing involves a number of activities, including

2.A firm's marketing mix consists of ____ activities.

3.Traditionally, marketing philosophies have been categorized as

4.U.S. businesses have recently shifted their focus toward a ____ orientation.

5.A firm's marketing philosophy determines how strategic marketing activities are used to achieve

6.In recent years, the emphasis in U.S. businesses has been on

7.The ____ marketing philosophy is the preferred approach for all businesses.

8. The decision to produce flavored spring water ice cubes in response to requests from its customers reflects Norway Ice Company’s ____ marketing philosophy.

9.Koldpak has focused principally on the development of revolutionary new ways of containerizing fresh

10.Adopting a consumer-oriented marketing philosophy is most consistent with

11. Max chose to operate his production studio as a sole proprietorship even though his attorney cautioned that he was

12.Which legal form allows owners to contribute no capital but still play a part in managing the business and share in its profits?

13.Which group best defines a partnership?

14.Upon the death of the majority stockholder in a corporation, direct control may pass to

15.What legal form has the smallest percentage of new businesses?

16.Any person capable of ____ may legally become a business partner.

17.Some of the benefits of a partnership form of business include the following except

18.Which suggestion for forming a partnership would have been the most useful for Richard Rhodes’ situation as discussed in the opening Spotlight of the chapter?

19.The legal document that spells out the partners’ rights...
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