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|1.1 Introduction | |1.2 Objectives of the Report | |1.3 Importance of the topic | |1.4 Methodology | |1.5 Source of Data | |1.6 Scope of The Report | |1.7 Limitation |

1.1 Introduction

Generally by the word “Bank” we can easily understand that the financial institution deals with money. But there are different types of banks like; Central Banks, Commercial Banks, Savings Banks, Investment Banks, Industrial Banks, Co-operative Banks etc. But when we use the term “Bank” without any prefix, or qualification, it refers to the ‘Commercial banks’. Commercial banks are the primary contributors to the economy of a country. So it can be said that Commercial bank is a profit-making institution that holds the deposits of individuals and business in checking and savings accounts and then uses these funds to make loans. For these people and the government is very much dependent on these banks as the financial intermediary. As, banks are profit-earning concern; they collect deposit at the lowest possible cost and provide loans and advances at higher cost. The differences between two are the profit for the bank.

Banking sector is expanding its hand in different financial events every day. At the same time the banking process is becoming faster, easier and the banking arena is becoming wider. As the demand for better service increases day by day, they are coming with different innovative ideas & products. In order to survive in the competitive field of the banking sector, all banking organizations are looking for better service opportunities to provide their fellow clients. As a result, it has become essential for every person to have some idea on the bank and banking procedure.

1.2 Objectives Of The Report

Broad Objective:

➢ Give an overview of Jamuna Bank.
➢ To explore General Banking activities of Jamuna Bank.
➢ To be accustom with the management policy or process of JBL in Bangladesh ➢ To explore Foreign Exchange activities of Jamuna Bank.
➢ To observe the working environment in commercial banks. ➢ To apply theoretical knowledge in the practical filed.
➢ To study the existing overall banker customer relationship.

Specific Objective

← To fulfill the partial requirement of the internship program as a full credit subject of the BBA program

1.3 Importance Of The Topic:

The topic that has been assigned by the supervisor is “Evaluation of General Banking and Foreign Exchange performance of Jamuna Bank Ltd”. The importance of this topic are given below… ❖ To describe the customer service process of JBL Bank Limited ❖ To know how the branches are efficiently controlled.

❖ To know the operation of commercial banks in Bangladesh ❖ To be accustom with the management policy or process of JBL in Bangladesh ❖ Give an idea regarding general banking system and Foreign Exchange.

1.4 Methodology:

This report is based on qualitative measurement, observation and descriptive method has been followed in order to make the report more viable. Both primary and secondary source of data were used to prepare this report more. This report has been prepared on the basis of experience gathered during the period of internship. In addition, I have also taken interview to collect relevant information from the officials in some instance through consultation.

2 Source Of Data:

In order to make the report more meaningful and presentable, two sources of data and information have been used widely.

The “Primary Sources” are as follows:...

Bibliography: ← Annual Report of Jamuna Bank Ltd.( 2008)
← Several Booklets from Jamuna Bank Ltd.
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