Genera; S Die in Bed

Topics: Kill, Temperature, Suffering Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: September 18, 2011
In the novel “generals die in bed” the boys who go to fight face many challenges and hard times, they learn who to be wary of and who their real enemies are. Whist living in the trenches the soldiers go through a lot pain and suffering which isn’t inflicted by the Germans or there allies but instead, mother nature and its many forces joined with their own imagination, their own thinking and, in some circumstances, their fellow soldiers. For the soldiers many things seemed to dampen their spirits repeatedly every day. One significant example of this was the lice. Whilst the soldiers were in the trenches the lice were horrendous, almost deadly, in a way that the men that got them would repeatedly scratch and scratch until they had exposed the bloody flesh of their bodies. With no way to destroy or kill the lice, they had to force themselves not to scratch in hope that their skin would be healed. Eventually the soldiers, whilst on leave, discovered a way to kill the lice, they figured out that considering the lice had embedded themselves in the seams of their clothes then they could iron their clothes and the heat would then destroy them, this worked but eventually, once back in the trenches the lice returned and the itching began all over again. All this pain was worsened by the conditions inside the trenches; for instance the rats, maggots, temperature and even each other. On some nights, the trenches were almost frozen from the drop in temperature, which can sometimes drop to 5 degrees Celsius, this was what the soldiers had to live through. They were not allowed a fire because that could get them spotted by the Germans air forces, in some cases they could not even light a cigarette because the glow red embers on the end could still attract the attention of the enemy forces. Their generals and officers were not in the trenches with them so they continuously pushed the men that were to fight on, with no idea of what they were actually going through. Whilst the...
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