Gene Therapy

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Gene therapy is the transfer of recombinant DNA into an individual’s body cells, with the intent to correct a genetic defect or treat a disease. The transfer occurs by the way of lipid clusters or genetically engineered viruses, inserts an unmutated gene into an individual’s chromosomes. It is basically a method for fixing defective genes that cause diseases. As Starr, Evers & Starr (2013) stated, there are over 15,000 serious genetic disorders in the world. Most of these disorders cause about 20 to 30 percent of infant deaths per year, they also contribute too many age-related disorders including; Cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and diabetes. Drugs and other antibiotics can minimize the symptoms of some genetic disorders, but gene therapy is the only cure. With gene therapy around it accomplishes cures for the many people in the world that have disorders. If gene therapy didn’t exist, people would be suffering all over the world. Although gene therapy sounds very auspicious, it is still an uncertain technique that is still being studied thoroughly so that it is safe and effective for people that want to go through it. There are many ways gene therapy can work, but in most studies a normal gene is inserted into the genome to replace the irregular gene. And during the gene therapy process, a vector needs to be used to deliver the therapeutic gene to the patient’s target cell. Vectors are that have been genetically reformed so that they can carry human DNA. With so many diseases causing genes taking over the human body, scientists have taken viruses and manipulated them to their advantage. And because of those infected genes scientist use the vectors so that they could remove the disease causing genes and replace them with therapeutic ones. There are many viruses that are used as gene therapy vectors such as retroviruses, adenoviruses, adeno-associated viruses, and herpes simplex virus. These are considered the viral options to gene...

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