Gene Splicing

Topics: Human, Stem cell, Science Pages: 3 (1258 words) Published: November 23, 2011
The Future Evolution of Human: Gene Splicing

Gene Splicing: Survival of the Fittest
Long ago stories, legends, and myths were created describing humans who were infused with the body parts of animal. Creatures such as mermaids, centaurs, and Satyrs were placed into our minds and we could only imagine what it would be like to meet these creatures. They became so numerous that they were given a category, Anthropomorphism. Over time and with our knowledge of science increasing, body parts that may have been considered to be part of Anthropomorphism were explainable. Webbed hands and feet, humans being born with a tail; and even being born with an extra appendage like an extra toe or finger are no longer a disfiguring ailment. But what if Anthropomorphism wasn’t just a myth? What if they were a new stage in human evolution? Scientists in many fields have hypothesized that humanity like the dinosaur will eventually die out, so what will it take for humanity to survive? Dr Joseph Alter, a Professor of Anthropology, believes that with the biotechnology available today, we could see human being born with animal DNA. This new breed could be stronger, faster, and immune to diseases that regular humans would not be able to survive. In his article, The Once and Future “Apeman”, Chimeras, Human Evolution, and Disciplinary Coherence, Dr. Alter states that “It helps us translate the obvious, that our kinship to animals is closer and more intimate than we have thought, both in fact ( with reference to the evolutionary record ) and in principle.” (640) While many may take either a religious and/or negative moral viewpoint to this type of science, the time may come when this science is necessary to continue any kind of human species.

Dr. Jarod Diamond in his book, “Collapse, How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed believes that the current society will eventually collapse due to may reasons, but one of the biggest the loss of natural resources. These resources, such as...

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