Gene One Leadership

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Gene One Leadership Strategies
Lupe Miranda and Varsha Vasconcelos
LDR-531 Organizational Leadership
August 5, 2012
Richard Clemens

One of the most crucial roles of any company is affective communication and vision to help guide strategic planning. The many companies that have successfully incorporated these strategic plans have showed that the teams involved in all aspects successfully help build the companies shared vision. When these strategies are performed correctly, it increases workplace motivation and the company vision becomes reality. Precise and coherent communication from planning the anticipated results from performance measures are vital for affective strategies to succeed. Productive leaders have often employed their respective teams simply informing individuals of their shared vision, and openly showing appreciation for large and small successful accomplishments, such as the achievement of the goals or the vision as a whole. To make sure that the companies goal are shared with the workers, all teams involved need to know that they can voice their opinion and provide input without fear of any scolding or rebuke. To affectively implement Gen Ones strategic plans, company managers can use the proposed two strategies that will help achieve the company’s ultimate desired outcome. It will also explain how each strategy will support Gene One’s desire to be innovative.
Strategy One
Kotter’s Eight-Step Plan for Implementing Change
Strategizing a vision from your managers to the individuals actually performing the job must be clear in a way where everyone understands. Senior management must unit as one to review, discuss, and agree on a strategy to execute the plan. If this is not done correctly, implementation of Gene Ones vision will not be achieved. The executive summary (Table 1) sent by the CEO, Don Ruiz summarizes the goal that needs to be completed in the 36-month maximum deadline period. Leadership team at Gene One could

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