Gene Kelly and His Great Visual Stylings

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Gene Kelly and His Great Visual Stylings

"When most people hear the name Gene Kelly, if they've even heard of him at all, they will likely think of the man who will forever be immortalized as that guy who sang and danced in the rain, but there is more to "that guy". Sure, he danced as he s plashed in puddles, but he also choreographed exactly how he would splash in them, he directed exactly how the camera would zoom in his face as he did so, and of course he had to act exactly as though he was really enjoying it, when it was rumored that he was suffering from a high fever at the tie. Obviously, Gene Kelly was more than simply "that guy who sang in the rain". (Timothy Clayton)

Timothy Clayton was not the only man who thought this of Gene Kelly. Throughout history we have seen film go through so many different changes. Each change is a result of one person's effort and hard work. The people that we see change many things in the film industry are film makers. There are thousands of film makers but when we look at the impact that one person has made in film, you look at character and quality. A great man to look at would be Gene Kelly.

Gene Kelly was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 23,1912. Eugene Curran Kelly was born to James and Harriett Kelly. He was the third of five children: Jay, Jim, Gene, Louis, and Fred, but Gene was the only child who was outstanding in his art studies. He was always outstanding and put in extra effort in all that he did, which is possibly what made him so successful.

As a young child, Gene Kelly, preferred sports to dancing. He love participating in such things: gymnastics, ince hockey, swimming, football, and even baseball. Although many young boys have a desire to become a firefighter, Gene's passion was to become a professional baseball player. He wanted to be the pitcher for the Pittsburgh Prates. Even though he disliked dancing, Gene's athletic background helped him very much in the "dancing scene".

Gene and...
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